ZWD Drezdenko during the season deals with only goose nestling, working on Gorzow
market, where the farming is  known for its close connection with tradition. The modern
production of boiler nestling demands perfectly  equipped hatchery factories. The company
possesses the newest hatchery cameras, which were produced by the most  known world
companies (Pas Reform, Petersime and Jamesway). It lets to run hatcheries in one
circulation system.  However, to be able to produce few times in week hatchery eggs in the
number of 115.000, from chicken in similar  age, the company has to cooperate with
appropriately large enough reproductive farms. At present, reproductive  background of
ZWD Sztuder involves birth farms filled with Ross, Cobb and Hubbard Flex flocks. Every
week they  provide over 1.3 million incubative eggs. Eggs are being delivered to hatcheries
by specialist vehicles, which  provide appropriate condition and safe transport. The vehicles
are fully air-conditioned and let to transport  thousands of nestlings every week. Only
Sztuder company is able to face such a problem. What is more, the  company has diversity
of certificates granted on the basis of control audits by specialized Commissions from 
United Kingdom (ACP) and Holland (IKB). Thanks to high quality ZWD Sztuder successfully
sells boiler nestling  not only in Poland, but to foreign commerce as well. As the only factory
in Poland the company delivers nestling  to contractors in Germany. Experts are the ones
who give evidence about the strength of ZWD Sztuder. Their daily  contact with reproductive
farms lets to keep high quality and sanitary conditions of hatchery. Specialized  personnel
altogether with production employees guarantee regular course of the hatch, and
zootechnical service  provides farming with boiler fattening. There is no doubt that the
company makes Andrzej’s and Tomasz’s dreams  come true, by transferring the idea of
modern hatchery into reality. The management ability and daily effort of  Tomasz Sztuder
and his co-workers guarantee the success, which was approved by Lubuskie authority in
AGROLIGA  2009 challenge cup (first place).

We would like to thank for co-operation to former, present and future customers,
veterinarians, poultry farmers,  suppliers and hatcheries.
For the last 10 years ZWD Tomasz i Andrzej Sztuder s.c. has been
the example of dynamically prosperous company  based on hatchery.
Insiders know that their story began much more earlier, at the
beginning of 90’. Friends of  Tomasz’s and Andrzej’s believe that they
know everything about their business. Only few are as experienced as 
Tomasz and Andrzej Sztuder when it comes to knowledge about
incubation of perfect nestling. One of their  advantage is their
education associated with modern management and marketing.
Acquired knowledge helps them to  properly run the huge  company,
which in every week deals with approximately one million broiler 
nestling.  Yearly, production of this market giant reached in 2009 more
than 50 million hatchery.  Taking into  consideration their participation
in national production, it is a great outcome. In the near future they
plan to  build in the south Poland the biggest and most developed
factory of poultry hatchery. The carrier of Sztuders  began in factory
(closed now) in Krosno Odrzanskie. Currently the production of
nestling is conducted in four  hatchery factories placed almost in every
areas in the West Poland, these are: ZWD Pław, ZWD Dzierżoniów,
ZWD  Wijewo oraz ZWD Drezdenko. In the three factories there are
only broiler nestling.
ZWD Pław, the beginning  of production 1997
Full modernization 2 years ago,
  ZWD Dzierżoniów, the beginning  of production 2001
Full modernization 1 year ago,
  ZWD Wijewo, the beginning  of production 2005
Full modernization 4 years ago,
ul. Parkowa 4A, Pław, 66-615 DĄBIE
tel. (068) 383 25 14, fax. (068) 383 99 50
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